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In 1999, Techniseal introduced the very first polymeric sand for pavers.
OurPolymeric Jointing Sandfor pavers still remains the number one solution for stabilizing pavers while preventing erosion, inhibiting weed growth and resisting ants and other insects.
In 2009, Techniseal introduces the new RG+ polymeric sand. This "smart" polymeric sand was developed from the latest technologies and starts repelling water after 90 minutes. It closes the window on both rain sensitivity during initial drying time and polymer washout due to overwatering.

Protect your investment with TechnisealHardscape Treatment and Protection
Techniseal Protectors provide maximum protection against oil stains and dirt and rejuvenate your pavers. Techniseal is the undisputed world leader in advanced care and maintenance products for pavers, slabs and natural stones. Whether it is to protect and preserve the appearance of new pavers or to restore older surfaces and enhance their value, Techniseal has developed a full range of products for the treatment and protection of hardscape.

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