Frequently Asked Questions Hardscape Treatment

Are water-based sealants as effective as solvent-based sealants?
Yes. Techniseal water-based paver Protectors are made from the most advanced polymer technology available. Today, these sealants can even outperform solvent-based products by leaving thicker, more durable protective coating on the surface.
My pavers were previously treated with a sealant from another brand. Can I seal them with a Techniseal Protector?
Yes. However, it will be necessary to wait until the sealant is worn before applying a Techniseal Protector. Normally,
I will clean my pavers with a water jet before sealing them. Is this enough?
No. Always use a cleaner to clean pavers thoroughly. A simple water jet will not remove grease stains and will not dissolve efflorescence, a whitish salt that accumulates at the surface of pavers. It is highly recommended to always


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