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Polymeric Jointing Sand


Invaded by weeds and ants? Fight back and win with Techniseal Polymeric Jointing Sand for pavers.

Techniseal Polymeric Jointing Sand preserves the integrity of your hardscape project. Advanced formulations that provide durable results to new and existing installations.

• Inhibits weed growth
• Deters ants and other insects
• Eliminates joint erosion caused by rain, power washing, frost heaving and wind
• Flexible when wet - follows movement
• Applied dry - hardens after being activated with water
• Available in grey and tan

Your paver project represents an investment in gracious outdoor living. Erosion and the subsequent maintenance of jointing sand can similarly erode your enjoyment of your outdoor living space. Unlike other paver jointing sands, Techniseal Polymeric Sand remains in place, resisting erosion caused by repeated sweeping, wind, rain and even power washing.

Weed Infestation
In addition to the aggravation caused by eroded sand turning up in unwanted places like the bottom of your swimming pool or your hardwood floors, airborne weed seeds can take root in loose sand joints. Techniseal Polymeric Sand represents the best defense available against unwanted weeds in your paver project.

Ant Invasions
Like ants at a picnic, ants in your pavers can spoil your outdoor experience. The best method of avoiding unsightly anthills is to make the ants' entrance as difficult as possible. When entertaining outdoors, limit your guest list to "invite only" with the installation of Techniseal Polymeric Sand.


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