3 Things to Consider When Adding a Fire Pit to your Backyard

In recent years, homeowners have shown  growing interest towards the addition of an outdoor fire pit to their backyard’s landscaping plan. All the while giving a distinguished look to a property, these serve as beautiful gathering places where friends and family can come together to share nice summer evenings.  Building this type of structure isn’t particularly difficult, but putting this project in the capable hands of certified hardscape professionals will insure that final results meet your highest expectations.

In the following article, we will highlight things to consider before building an outdoor fire pit. We hope this will help you get a better understanding of the whole process and put you in a position to make the best possible decision when choosing a contractor to carry out this project.

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Without further ado, here are 3 things you should think of prior to building an outdoor fire pit in your backyard.

Choose the right location for your fire pit

First things first, before even considering getting quotes from landscape contractors, you must determine the ideal location to build your new outdoor fire pit. The chosen area must be located at a safe distance from any other building structure or low-hanging trees. We strongly recommend keeping a minimal 20-foot distance between the fire pit and any house, storage shed or pergola.  

We also advise you to reach out to local authorities to learn about any specific building code standard or regulation that need to be taken into account when planning your project.

Get an idea of the design and pattern of your outdoor fire pit

There’s no doubt that most hardscape professionals can help you in figuring out the overall design of your exterior fire pit, as well as the best materials to use to carry out your plan.

However, going in with a basic idea of what you’re expecting might help you in choosing the best qualified contractor for what you have in mind.

For a round fire pit, trapezoidal blocks must be chosen. These are smaller on one side, allowing for the edges to tightly fit together, eliminating any gap between blocks.

In the case of a square fit construction, rectangular blocks are the way to go.

To bind all of the pieces together, traditional concrete mortar could do the job.

But to get better, more discreet results, you could also choose to go with a reliable construction adhesive that will guarantee your structure’s durability and uniformity, all the while giving the impression that blocks are simply placed one on another.

For example, Techniseal’s StructureBond is a superior strength foam adhesive that’s both fireproof and waterproof. This  unique product will provide top-notch durability to your fire pit, making sure high-heat temperatures and freeze/thaw cycles don’t affect its  structural integrity.

Plan seating areas and other commodities around your new Fire Pit

Now that you’ve got a better picture of what you’re expecting, feel free to start asking local hardscape professionals for quotes.

While you let your contractor work his magic, why not start planning on how to configure the surroundings of your new outdoor fire pit.

Would you like to add seating structures?

How about a cozy natural stone bench?

Or maybe a built-in log holder close at hand?

Enjoy those nice evenings by the fire

As we previously stated, adding an outdoor fire pit to your backyard’s landscaping plan is a valuable investment that beautifies your property, all the while providing you with a convenient gathering area to enjoy quality time with friends and family.

For the maintenance of your fire pit or any other exterior surface, you can trust Techniseal’s high quality products.

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