How to extend the life of your roof

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(NC) Year after year, your roof takes a beating. Wind, rain, snow, ice and sun can take years off your home's protective shell and can lead to premature aging and expensive repairs. In fact, while some homeowners may not like to hear it, it can cost well over $4500 to replace the roofing on a typical 1000 sq. ft. house. There also comes a time when you simply want to change the colour of the roof, even though it is still in good condition.

However, there is an economical and environmentally-friendly protection against weathering. It's an innovative elastomeric roof coating known as RoofKeeper for asphalt shingles and RoofSkin for sheet-metal roofing. The microporous, acrylic emulsion is applied directly to the roofing material, just like a regular paint. Specially formulated for severe climates and strong winds, this coating is ultra-adherent, stays flexible and is guaranteed for up to 10 years. The product is also ideal for changing or harmonizing the colour of the roof, after repairs for example.

For as little as one fifth of the cost, you can avoid the expensive replacement of any sloping and aging shingle or sheet metal roof. Because the coating is opaque, it improves the appearance of your roof with a range of colours including black, brown, green, grey, red, blue, white, aluminum and clear. Its UV-resistant features preserve the roof's colour throughout its lifetime.

Before applying the product to the roof, it is recommended to first add repair compounds such as Techniseal's Instant Leak Sealer or Waterproof Sealant around any openings such as the chimney. Repair or replace aged or damaged shingles and remove moss and mildew by cleaning out the roof surface. Then simply paint the coating over your old asphalt shingle or sheet-metal roof with a roller or an airless sprayer.

The ecological, water-based polymer coating contains no tar and helps keep away millions of tons of prematurely discarded asphalt shingles from landfills, while making you save thousands of dollars.

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