How to Protect and Beautify Your Asphalt

Your asphalt is aging, greying and somewhat dull? Give it back its original dark black look in no time. Techniseal® offers a line of high-end products to refresh and enhance your asphalt driveway. 
An easy job for anyone.

Here's how to Protect and beautify your Asphalt in 3 Easy Steps.


1 – Stain Remover Brush (145-910)

2 – Slit Foam Roller (145-930)

3 – Paint Tray

4  – Airless Sprayer for High-Viscosity Paints (optional)


● Read entire labels before using. Use only as directed.
● Wash the entire surface with a stream of water and let it dry completely.  
● If required, remove oil stains using Dirt & Grease Cleaner for Asphalt from Techniseal®. (142-511).
● Then, apply some Oil-Spot Primer from Techniseal® (142-761) where stains have been cleaned. Let the Primer dry completely before applying a Protector.

IMPORTANT: Once you have chosen the grade, test the product on a small inconspicuous area of about 0.4 m2 (4 sq. ft.) to ensure you will like the result.


● Read entire labels before using. Use only as directed.
● If necessary, repair cracks with the Crack Filler from Techniseal®.
● Repair damaged zones using the Asphalt Compound or the Acrylic Patching Compound from Techniseal®.

Crack Filler (142-731)  
● Slows deterioration caused by water and frost
● Fills cracks 1 cm (3/8”) wide or less

Acrylic Crack Filler (142-711)
● Fills cracks 1.5 cm (1/2”) wide or less
● Stops deterioration caused by water and frost

Acrylic Patching Compound (142-726)
●  Long-lasting, resistant filler compound for potholes
●  For repairs 2 cm (3/4”) thick or more

Asphalt compound (142-707)
● Fills potholes and damaged driveways
● For repairs 5 cm (2”) thick or more


● Read entire label before using. Use only as directed. 
● Do not apply to asphalt previously sealed with a coal-tar-based product.
● Asphalt must be clean, porous and warm to the touch before applying the Protector. 
● Roller application: Saturate surface with a coat of Protector, avoiding accumulation of excess product. Maintain a wet edge in order to prevent overlap marks.
● Sprayer application: Work in sections of no more than 9.2 m2 (100 sq. ft.). Saturate surface with a coat of Protector. With the roller, remove excess before it dries. Repeat for subsequent sections, maintaining a wet edge in order to prevent overlap marks.
● Second coat (for optimal protection): Once surface is dry (+/- 24 hours), apply a second coat following the same method.
● Ideal application temperature: Apply early in the morning. Ideal temperature is between 15°C and 25°C.
Traffic: Pedestrian: 24 h. - Vehicular: 48 to 72 h. Block access during that period.
Cleaning: Tools and skin can be cleaned with soap and water.

Recommended application: every 6 years

Recommended application: every 3 years

Recommended application: every 4 years

nuPave® ACRYLIC SEALANT (132-126)
Recommended application: every 2 years


Asphalt Deterioration 
Deterioration of asphalt is caused by normal wear and tear, climatic conditions and chemicals such as calcium, liquids from vehicles, fertilizers and other spilled products. Deterioration is normal and will start soon after the installation of new asphalt.

The Protectors 
Techniseal® Asphalt Protectors form a black satin finish, microporous layer which seals the asphalt against the elements, and significantly slows down deterioration. The Protectors will not chip, crack or pull away as a result of warm tires. Resistance to abrasion and superior adherence ensures a long lasting dark colouration.

The Properties
This unique treatment line uses state-of-the-art technology and is specifically designed to efficiently protect the asphalt against our tough climate, oil, stains and dirt. Techniseal® water based Asphalt Protectors preserve and restore the original colour of asphalt while stopping its deterioration.

Completely Different from the Old-Coal Tar Sealants!
These products are environmentally friendly, tar-free with no harmful odours. Unlike coal tar-based products, they are non-toxic and produce very low VOC emissions.