How to Protect and Beautify Your Exterior Treated Wood

Techniseal® offers a line of high-end products, which will refresh and enhance the colour of your balcony, deck, exterior furniture or fence. An easy job for anyone.

Here's how to protect and beautify your exterior treated wood in 3 steps.


1 – Stain Brush

2 – Long-handled Scrub Brush

3 – Watering Can




Wood covered with a paint or a varnish
● If the wood was previously treated with a coating, which could prevent the Protector from penetrating, it will be necessary to remove it with the Techniseal® Stain Stripper for Wood (144-544). Read entire label before using. Use only as directed.
Note : Stripper won’t dissolve 100% acrylic stains, varnishes and paints.

Testing Absorbency
To determine whether your wood can absorb the Protector, pour a few drops of water on the surface. If beads form, wood is still water repellent; in this case, strip wood with Techniseal® Stain Stripper or wait until water repellency is gone prior to applying a Protector.

 Techniseal® Preservative (144-273) is recommended for protecting end-cuts. Read entire label before using. Use only as directed


● Before applying a Protector, you need to clean the wood with Techniseal® Wood Cleaner (144-500) to remove ground-in dirt and ensure optimal penetration.
● Cleaning will also help remove the greying of wood and will ensure a nicer finish. Read entire label before using. Use only as directed.

While not mandatory, sanding will provide a smoother and more uniform finish.


● Read entire label before using. Use only as directed.
● Wood must be clean, dry and warm to the touch.
● Make sure no rain is expected in the next 12 hours.
● Stir product before and during application.
● Simply apply one coat of Techniseal® Maintenance-Free Wood Protector with a stain brush, to saturation, one board at a time without cutting.
● This product dries very quickly. If touch-ups or a second coat is necessary, it must be done immediately, before the first coat has dried («wet-on-wet»). Applying more product over dried Protector could leave brush marks and cause adhesion problems.
● Finish the application on one plank before moving on to another. Do not trim. Avoid product accumulation on the surface.
Ideal application temperature: Between 10 °C et 25 °C.
Traffic: Let dry at least 24 h before walking on the surface.
Cleaning: Tools and skin can be cleaned with soap and water.

Fast and easy re-application
After a few years, when the wood has once again lost its water repellency, a new coat of Techniseal® Protector can be applied without scraping or stripping. Re-application recommended every four years. (Required frequency will depend on the quality of the previous application, the amount of traffic and the exposure to sun).


Wood Discolouration
Contrary to popular belief, the greying of wood is not a sign of deterioration, but a natural phenomenon caused by oxidation and accumulation of dust in the capillaries of wood. Whether made from new or old wood, furniture and garden installations will need to be refreshed and protected over time in order to withstand our harsh climate

The Protector
Micro-pigmentation ensures stable and long-lasting colour while minimizing discolouration caused by thru-traffic. Crystalline particles are impregnated in the capillary pores of the wood, providing a rich and uniform colour. Our Maintenance-Free Wood Protector is a water-based, environmentally friendly product, made of water-repellent, UV resistant agents and stabilized linseed oil. Although suitable for all exterior wood surfaces (except cedar wood), Maintenance-Free Wood Protector is the recommended product for the new generation of pressure-treated wood.
Wood has a natural tendency to absorb humidity. It is therefore important that this humidity is released in order to prevent decomposition. Microporous, our Maintenance-Free Wood Protector will protect wood against decomposition and rotting. Unlike stains and varnishes, this Protector does not encapsulate wood, so it will not cause flaking, warping or cracking. In addition, it won’t be tacky once dry.

Unlike some stains and varnishes, which require a delay of up to one year before application, Techniseal® Protector can be applied immediately after wood is installed.