How to Protect and Beautify Your Garage Floor

Carbopoxy® is a three-step garage floor coating system. This latest-technology, water-based protection strongly adheres to concrete to form a glossy film that resists tire friction. It offers durable protection against oil, grease, salt, water, dirt as well as household chemicals. Easy to clean, Carbopoxy® reduces dust and prevents crumbling of the surface. 

Coloured Carbopoxy® 
Made from polycarbonate modified with epoxy and from acrylic polymers,  Carbopoxy® does not require the mixing of two components and is thus ready to apply. Microporous, it allows concrete to breathe and reduces the risk of peeling. 

Clear Carbopoxy+®
Carbopoxy+® finishing coat is a clear protector that offers an optimal protection to the Carbopxy® system while providing a super glossy finish. 


Important: Wait 30 days before applying to new concrete. Make sure painted surfaces have been stripped properly. Surface must be clean and dry (24 hours without dampness). Do not apply below 15oC.
ALWAYS TEST to ensure that results will meet your expectations, always test product on a small hidden area of approximately 0.4 m2 (4 sq. ft.).
● If necessary, remove old paint or any other coating with Paint Stripper (149-544) as directed on product label. Note that the Stripper does not dissolve 100% acrylic paints and other coatings.
   Tip: Beading water on concrete means an existing coating will prevent the Protector from penetrating. If this is the case, the surface will have to be stripped before the Protector is applied. 
● Remove greasy stains with Dirt and Grease Cleaner (149-511) or with Pro-Grade Oil & Grease Remover (141-591) as directed on product labels.  

● Prepare surface with Pre-Seal Cleaner for Garage Floor (149-574), as directed on product label. This will make the surface porous, ensuring better penetration of the Carboprime (149-763).
● When surface is dry, scrub it vigorously with a push broom to properly dislodge the dust that may stick to the surface. 
● Finally, remove the remaining dust with a vacuum cleaner.


● Apply a single coat of Carboprime Primer (149-763) as directed on product label. Do not thin or dilute.


Make sure to complete steps 1 and 2 of the Carbopoxy® System before applying the Protector.

Required tools: Pile roller for semi-smooth surfaces (7 to 10 mm).

● Shake well or stir product before and during application. Do not thin or dilute.
● To avoid shade variations, mix content of different containers.
● If required, to make surface less slippery when wet, mix Carbogrit (145-980) to the Protector before applying, as directed on product label.
● Using the roller, saturate the surface with a first coat of Carbopoxy® Protector (149-3X3).  Maintain a wet edge in order to prevent overlap marks. 
● Let dry 24 hours and apply a second coat following the same method.
● If a “terrazzo” effect is desired Carbochips (149-99X), apply the second coat by working on sections no larger than 5 m2 (50 sq. ft.). Once a section is completed, sprinkle Carbochips (149-99X) as described on the product label.           
● Move on to the next 5 m2 (50 sq. ft.) section.
● To obtain maximum protection and a more glossy finish, wait 24 hours and apply one or two coats of Carbopoxy+® Clear (149-303). If Carbochips are to be used, the application of Carbopoxy+® Clear (149-303) is mandatory.
● Afraid that your floor may get slippery when wet? Techniseal® recommends its Carbogrit (145-980), an anti-slip additive that can be mixed to Carbopoxy® or Carbopoxy+® to make the surface more sticky.


Environmentally friendly
Containing no strong or flammable solvents, Carbopoxy® releases very little VOCs into the atmosphere. It is less harmful to the environment than conventional solvent-based and two-component sealants.

1K Crosslink Technologies
Epoxy Crosslinked Polycarbonate AC Technology

● Ready to apply - No mix of components required, just a quick stir
● Gloss or super-gloss finish
● Water based