How to protect and beautify your pavers

Your pavers have suffered from a constant exposure to the elements? You wish to preserve their beauty?
Protect your pavers while enhancing or not their colour with a Techniseal® Protector.

Here's how to protect and beautify your concrete pavers in 3 steps.



1 – Exact Sprayer (145-900)

2 – Small Remover Brush (145-910)

3 – Street Broom

4 – 10 to 12 mm Polyester Nap Roller

5 – Solvent-based Protectors: Slit Foam Roller (145-930)

6 – Paint Tray

7 – Manual Pump Sprayer (optional) availble at most hardware store


If necessary, remove all stains and contaminants (oil, rust, etc.) from the surface using the appropriate Techniseal stain removers.
The use of a stain remover is fairly easy; simply apply, scrub and rinse thoroughly. Read entire label before using.

Professional-Grade Oil & Grease Remover (141-591)
● Removes penetrated petroleum-based products
● Ideal for older, penetrated stains
● Dries from a liquid to a powder

Dirt & Grease Cleaner (141-511)
● Removes motor oil and grease (BBQ) 
● Dissolves, dislodges and encapsulates grease
● Ideal for sealed surfaces and fresh stains

Organic-Stain Remover (141-502) 
● Removes moss, mildew, dead leaves, wine, blood and non-greasy food stains
● Requires minimum scrubbing

Paint, Tar and Rubber Remover (141-541)
● Dissolves tire marks, paint, tar and chewing-gum
● Easy to rinse with water

Rust Remover (141-521)
● Removes stains caused by steel, rusted metal objects and fertilizers
● Does not contain hydrochlorid acid


This step is essential to obtain an optimal result, to ensure a uniform look and to allow the Protector to better penetrate the surface.
● Clean the entire surface by removing all efflorescence and ground-in dirt with the Pre-Seal Cleaner from Techniseal. Read label before using. 
● Regular maintenance: To keep pavers looking good at all times, clean them periodically with the Hardscape Cleaner from Techniseal. Read label before using.

Pre-Seal Cleaner (141-534)
● Dislodges efflorescence and ground-in dirt
● Prepares pavers prior to protector application
● Brightens up the colour of pavers

Hardscape Cleaner (141-503)
● Dislodges ground-in dirt and brightens up colours
● For routine maintenance

IMPORTANT: Once you have chosen the Protector, test the product on a small inconspicuous area of approximately 0.4 m2 (4 sq. ft.) to ensure the results will meet your expectations. 


● Read entire label before using.
● If you intend to apply the Protector to a surface other than concrete pavers, refer to the label to determine if the product is compatible with the surface.
● Pavers must be clean, porous and warm to the touch before applying the Protector. No rain should be forecasted over the next 24 hours.
● Sprayer application (best practice): Saturate the surface with a coat of Protector. With the roller, remove excess on the surface before it dries.
● Roller application: Saturate the surface with a coat of Protector, avoiding accumulation of excess product. 
● Always work on small, manageable sections (see product label). When a section is completed, move on to the next one immediately, maintaining a wet edge in order to prevent overlap marks.
● Some Protectors will require a second coat (see details on product label).
Ideal application temperature: Between 10°C and 30°C. 
Traffic: Pedestrian: 24 h. / Vehicular: 48 to 72 h. Block access during that period.
Cleaning of tools and hands: Water-based Protectors: Soap and water. Solvent-based WL1-2 Protector: Lacquer-thinner.

WA Paver Protector (141-333)
● Enhances the original colour
● Forms an ultra-durable protective film
● Water based

EV Paver Protector (141-304)
● Preserves the natural look
● Forms an ultra-durable protective film
● Water based

iN Paver Protector (141-314)
● Preserves the natural look
● Penetrating: Will not make surface more slippery
● Water based

WL1-2 Paver Protector (141-013)
● Enhances the original colour
● Forms an ultra-durable protective film
● Solvent based

NuLook® Tinted Paver Protector* (141-3X3)
● Semi-transparent
● Modifies or rejuvenates the original colour of pavers
● Water based
*Refer to the product guide for more information and the application procedure.


Look for the original brand. Ask for Techniseal® Protectors for pavers.
Pavers provide an excellent foundation for your around-the-house layout. They are a safe investment because they add value to your property. 
However, like any exterior surface, pavers are exposed to weathering, salt and dirt that can accelerate their discolouration and deterioration. 
Techniseal Protectors offer long-lasting durability against the harmful effects of today’s tough climate as well as penetration of oil, grease and other contaminants. Microporous, they make paver maintenance easy, and they will not flake or turn yellow. 
Techniseal‘s high-performance Protectors are thus ideal for bringing back the sparkles on older pavers. They provide spectacular results; this is why most paver professionals recommend and use Techniseal Protectors