How to protect and beautify your roof

Your roofing is deteriorating quickly, but you don’t want heavy replacement costs?
Techniseal® offers a highly effective solution to protect your roof and efficiently stop the deterioration process of the roofing material. The RoofKeeper™ for asphalt shingles and the RoofSkin™ for sheet-metal roofings are microporous, acrylic emulsions that are applied directly on the roofing material. Specially formulated for the Canadian climate, they offer an ultra adherent protection against weathering. Guaranteed Product: RoofKeeper™ is offered in two versions, one with a 5-year warranty and one with a 10-year warranty. RoofSkin™ is guaranteed for 10 years.

Here's how to protect and beautify your roof in 3 easy steps.


1 – Soft-Bristle Scrub Brush

2 – Thick-Pile Roller (145-940) Coloured RoofKeeper™ or RoofSkin

3 – Roller for rough surfaces (RoofKeeper™ Clear)

4 – Leaf Blower

5  – Roof Brackets (with wooden boards) To set down containers and tools




RoofKeeper™ for asphalt shingles 10-Year Warranty  RoofKeeper™ for asphalt shingles 5-Year Warranty:
● If the roof is leaking, make the necessary repairs first. Replace missing or damaged shingles. If required, apply some RoofKeeper™ Coating underneath raised or warped shingles, and secure them with staples.
● If necessary, seal cracks with Techniseal® Weatherproof Sealant (140-701) or Instant Leak Sealer (140-8X1).
● Around vents, chimneys, flues and repaired areas, replace tar with Techniseal® Weatherproof Sealant (140-701).

RoofSkin™ for sheet-metal 10-Year Warranty: 
● Scrape rust scales with a wire brush. If roof was previously treated with a coating, remove any loose paint with a wire brush or a power washer. Re-nail or re-screw sheets as needed, and hammer down any   raised nail heads.
● Prime joints, nails or screw heads and repaired sections with Techniseal® Weatherproof Sealant (140-701) or Techniseal® Instant Leak Sealer (140-8X1).


Before the coating can be applied, it is important to first clean the roof of any accumulated dirt or debris. 
● Where required, remove mildew, lichens or fungus using Techniseal® Roof Cleaner (140-500).
● On asphalt shingles, use a soft-bristle broom or scrub brush and avoid scrubbing vigorously as this could dislodge some of the granules.
● Remove any debris and detached granules with a leaf blower. 

IMPORTANT: Access roof safely. Use appropriate safety measures during work. Wear protective clothing and safety glasses.


IMPORTANT: No rain should be forecasted over the next 24 hours. Roofing must be clean, dry and warm to the touch.

RoofKeeper™ for asphalt shingles 10-Year Warranty  RoofKeeper™ for asphalt shingles 5-Year Warranty:
● Do the cutting around the edges with a paintbrush. Using the appropriate roller (see Tools), apply a generous and uniform coat of product, vertically. Follow an approximate application ratio of 1 litre per 1.9 m2 (20 sq. ft.) (1 litre per 2.8 m2 (30 sq. ft.) for the RoofKeeper™ Clear).
● Let dry for 18 to 24 hours.
● Coloured RoofKeeper™: Apply a second coat, proceeding by horizontal strips. Cover 5 to 6 shingle rows at a time, over the entire width of the roof. 
● Repeat for subsequent sections, maintaining a wet edge in order to prevent overlap marks. 

IMPORTANT : RoofKeeper™ Clear (140-497) requires only one coat.

RoofSkin™ for sheet-metal: 
● Trim using a paintbrush. Using the thick-pile roller, saturate the surface with a first coat of product, following an approximate application ratio of 1 litre per 2 m2 (21 sq. ft.). 
● Let dry for 18 to 24 hours, then apply a second coat following the same method.
● Ideal application temperature: Between 10°C and 25°C.

Cleaning: Tools and skin can be cleaned with soap and water.


Techniseal® Elastomeric Roof Coating will help protect your roofing material against our climatic changes, acid rains, ice storms, winds and UV rays. These are the harsh elements that accelerate the deterioration of roofing and cause headaches for homeowners. Microporous, opaque and flexible, both the RoofKeeper™ and the RoofSkin™ allow humidity to evaporate.

Extend the life of your roofingù
Techniseal® offers a truly effective solution to extend the life of your roofing and avoid costly renovations. The ultra-durable formula of Techniseal® Elastomeric Roof Coating extends the life of roofing while providing a new look. Techniseal® RoofKeeper™ locks granules in place and prevents shingles from drying out. RoofSkin™ protects sheet-metal roofings for years by forming a membrane highly resistant to weathering.

Give your roof a new look, at 1/5 of the replacement cost.
You renovated the front of your home and the colour of the roof no longer matches? You did some minor repairs and want to harmonize the colour of your roof? 
Now, it’s possible to give your roof a new look with the colour of your choice. 
Thanks to an advanced pigmentation technology, the coating is resistant to UV rays and ensures the stability of the colour. It resists flaking, is water based and environmentally friendly with low VOC emissions, and does not give off any unpleasant fumes.