Why Choose Polymeric Sand for Paver Installations ?

First launched by Techniseal in the early 2000s, polymeric sand is today considered as the ultimate paver jointing material out there!

Used daily by thousands of hardscape experts from all around the world, polymeric sand provides optimal joint stabilization, in addition to preventing weed growth, and insect infestations.

In the following article, we will explain what is polymeric sand, and list the many advantages it provides paver installers over the use of other traditional grouting materials.

What is Polymeric Sand?

Polymeric sand is a material used to fill paver joints, the empty spaces found between each paver, tile or natural stone. It is sometimes called jointing sand, paver sand or hardscape sand.

Jointing sand is made up of fine grains, to which manufacturers add a mixture of specific additive particles. When put in contact with water, this substance acts as an ultra-powerful bonding agent that strongly binds together concrete elements.

Polymeric sand is appreciated by paver installers because joints you get from it are durable and even . This eliminates any risk of weed growth and ant infestation that could affect the overall aesthetics and durability of paver projects.

Noticing the popularity of Techniseal’s polymeric sand technology among hardscape experts, several manufacturers have tried to imitate our formula with varying degrees of success.

Nevertheless, almost 20 years after first introducing paver jointing sand, Techniseal is proud to continue offering the industry's most reliable and performant products, the ones that are best suited to the growing expectations of paver installers and their customers.

Why choose polymeric sand for paver jointing?

Increased durability

As stated above, the mixture of sand grains and additive particles forms a powerful binding agent that securely holds together concrete pavers and other hardscape installation materials. More durable and resistant to erosion than conventional jointing products, polymeric sand significantly increases the life expectancy of any installation.

In addition, joints obtained through the use of this material do not crumble, nor do they decompose. This means that for once and for all. sand remains in the paver joints rather than in the house or at the bottom of a pool.

No more weeds or ant infestations!

Because it holds installations together more homogeneously than conventional jointing materials, polymeric sand is a very hostile environment for weeds and pest infestations (such as ants).

Free of any parasite agent, paver joints are less likely to age or erode prematurely.

Rich and varied colors

Once considered as purely structural, paver joints have nowadays become an important part of landscaping plans, with added interest being put on the aesthetic value they can bring to hardscape installations. Incidently, Techniseal is proud to always have offered the largest selection of sand colors in the industry.

In 2018, most of our sands are available in more than twenty beautiful colors and can be matched with any type of paver.

Quick & easy installation

In addition to providing unparalleled jointing performances, the application process of polymeric sand is fast and easy. Simply follow the instructions found at the back of each bag.

Know that with Techniseal jointing sands, you will always get the best results, we guarantee it!

Why choose Techniseal polymer sands?

The undisputed leader in polymeric sand manufacturing, Techniseal still offers, to this day, the most powerful and reliable polymeric jointing formulas available on the market. Your customers are looking for quality, especially when they go and invest in high-quality pavers to beautify their backyard.

Launched in 2015, HP Nextgel is (still) the only all-in-one paver sand in the industry. It offers far superior performances than any other product out there!

Techniseal's exclusive Nextgel technology allows for cleaner and faster paver installations, without any dust or polymeric haze.

While not providing the same top-notch jointing stabilization qualities offered by HP Nextgel , our RG+ sand still is a very decent choice for residential paver jobs while SmartSand, our latest formula, is a lower-cost, haze-free alternative to our premium performance jointing sand.

(Please note that SmartSand is currently offered in selected Canadian markets only)

Always at the forefront of the industry, Techniseal is also the manufacturer that offers the largest choice of sand colors on the market. By choosing our brand, you're sure to always meet your customers’ highest expectations.

For more information on our polymeric sand collection, please visit our website or contact your local Techniseal representative.