Epoxy crosslinked polycarbonate AC technology

Techniseal® Carbopoxy® Garage Floor Protector Coating is the third step of the Carbopoxy® System.
  • Epoxy crosslinked polycarbonate AC technology
  • Ready to use – no mix of components required
  • Oil-repellent
  • Microporous


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Techniseal® Carbopoxy® Garage Floor Protector is the third step of the Carbopoxy® System. This water-based single-component product replaces old-fashioned two-component garage floor coatings. Made from polycarbonate modified with epoxy and from acrylic polymers, Carbopoxy® does not require the mixing of two components and is thus ready to apply. Microporous, it allows concrete to breathe and reduces the risk of peeling caused by hydrostatic pressure. It adheres strongly to the Carboprime primer to form a glossy film that resists tire friction while providing long-lasting protection against oil, grease, salt, water, dirt and household chemicals. Easy to clean, Carbopoxy® reduces dust and prevents surface deterioration.

Product # 
60102128 (149-323)
3.78 L
Stone Grey (See Photo Library)
60102127 (149-333)
3.78 L
Desert (See Photo Library)
60102130 (149-343)
3.78 L
Titanium (See Photo Library)
60102129 (149-353)
3.78 L
Karbon (See Photo Library)
3.78 L cover up to 33 m2 (350 sq. ft.) when applied over the Carboprime (mandatory step). Coverage will depend on surface porosity. The second coat will require considerably less product.
Techniseal® warranties Carbopoxy® against manufacturing defects. As Techniseal® has no control over surface preparation and product application, results cannot be guaranteed. The Techniseal® warranty is limited only to the replacement of a product proven to be defective, and will never cover the cost of labour. A proof of purchase will be required for any claim. Notice : User should make sure that this product meets their needs by carrying out a test under anticipated conditions of use on a 0.4 m2 (4 sq.ft.) area. In the event that no test was carried out, the warranty will only apply to 0.4 m2 (4 sq.ft.).
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