Preserves the natural look of your pavers

Techniseal's WR7 Waterproofing sealant prevents deterioration caused by freeze-thaw cycles and chemical products such as de-icing salts, while providing added resistance to acids and alkalis.
  • Maintains the natural look of concrete surfaces
  • Keeps your pavers from crumbling and spalling
  • An Ideal sealant for brick, concrete or stone surfaces


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Made of siloxanes, WR7 Waterproofing Sealant is specially designed to protect horizontal and vertical masonry surfaces as well as mortar joints. It prevents deterioration caused by freeze-thaw cycles and chemical products such as de-icing salts, while providing resistance to acids and alkalis. Its active agents form an invisible bond that stops the penetration of contaminants, facilitating the maintenance of facades and other concrete surfaces. It helps prevent efflorescence and dust adhesion on the surface, as well as black stains due to air pollution. Water-based, WR7 Sealant does not release unpleasant fumes, and it is environmentally friendly.

Product # 
60102144 (143-383)
60102143 (143-386)
18.93 L
Covers up to 14 m2 (150 sq. ft.)
Having no control over the use of the products, Techniseal® does not guarantee finished work. Replacement of any defective product shall be the buyer’s sole remedy under this warranty. A proof of purchase will be required for any claim. Before using this product, user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use, and user alone assumes all risks and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. User shall test product in a small inconspicuous area (approx. 0.4 m2 – 4 sq. ft.) under projected conditions of use. In the event that no test was carried out, the warranty will only apply to 0.4 m2 (4 sq. ft.). This limited warranty excludes any liability for any consequential, incidental, indirect or special damages. Except for the limited warranty described above, manufacturer specifically disclaims and excludes any other express warranty, any implied warranty of merchantability of goods, and implied warranty of fitness of goods for any particular purpose.
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