FAQ - Oldcastle's Acquisition of Techniseal

Q – Will Techniseal’s sales team continue to service my business?
A – Yes, Techniseal will continue to maintain an independent sales support team to service all customers. As always, it is our goal to grow and improve Techniseal's ability to service you, the customer.

Q – Will the Techniseal brand continue?
A – Yes, Techniseal will maintain its well-known brand across North America and Europe.

Q – Will Techniseal remain an independent business within Oldcastle?
A – Yes, Techiseal will remain an independent and separate business within Oldcastle. Techniseal will maintain its headquarters in Montreal, Canada. Al Dorais will also remain the President of Techniseal and will continue to manage production, customer service, R & D and administrative functions.

Q – Who will handle job service issues?
A – Your Sales Representative and Technical Service Team will still handle any service and / or job related issues. The customer service team in Montreal, Canada will handle delivery and or order issues.

Q – Who will bill me?
A – Techniseal will continue to invoice and collect from the customer.

Q – Who is my customer service contact?
A – Your current customer service contact will continue to be your main point of contact.   Continue to send orders to Orders@techniseal.com

Q – Will Oldcastle continue to support Techniseal’s NextGel launch?
A – Yes, Oldcastle and Techniseal are both very excited to roll out the NextGel suite of products and will continue with this innovative program.

Q – What will happen to my current pricing?
A – Nothing, there will be no pricing changes in 2016.

Q – Will I still have access to new Techniseal products?
A – Yes. As new products are developed, we will provide these items to our loyal customers.

Q – Will the Techniseal website remain and will the locator continue to carry my location?
A – Yes