4 Advantages of Elastomeric Formula Adhesives

Masonry is one of the most lucrative areas of the landscaping industry going into 2018. In an increasingly competitive market, each project you deliver  is scrutinized, the overall quality of your work is without a doubt the biggest stepping stone on which to build your reputation. On the other hand, installations struggling to overcome the trials of time and seasons can quickly tarnish the image of your company.

Among the wide variety of concrete adhesives available on the market today, polyurethane-based adhesives are probably the most popular choice. As good as they are, polyurethane formulas can still be outsurpassed by other adhesive types depending on the task at hand.

For example, elastomeric products such as Techniseal’s RG+ concrete adhesive provide numerous advantages to masonry experts who have made them their go-to bonding material.

In this article, we will address 4 advantages the elastomeric adhesives have over their polyurethane-based counterparts.

1)   Greater shelf life

Some construction experts only swear by their favorite polyurethane adhesive. While it’s true that these products offer exceptional performances, the same cannot be said of their shelf life expectancy once opened.

Indeed, once polyurethane adhesive recipients have been cut open a first time, the tube can hardly be stored for further usage. Before long, the product will be completely cured rendering it useless for further applications. Even though, you might only have used a small portion of the container, you’ll be forced to throw it in the can.

A much more versatile product, the elastomeric adhesive, when properly stored, can easily be used for further jobs. That way, you can cut your losses and fully benefit of each single ounce of adhesive contained in the tube.

2)   More Forgiving on Application

Whether you’re new to the masonry business or a seasoned veteran of brick and stone laying, no one is above making a mistake when on a job. Due to their ability to set and dry very quickly, polyurethane formulas hardly forgive a misplaced brick or a wrongly aligned stone. Once the surfaces are bonded together, very little room is left for maneuver.

Things are a little different when using an elastomeric product such as the RG+ concrete adhesive. Due to their slower setting time, these products are more forgiving and allow users the time to quickly make up for a mistake they might have done when first laying a brick or any other masonry material.

3)   Greater performances in cold and humid environments

Do you work in an area where cold and high-humidity are an everyday thing?

Did you know that elastomeric adhesives are known to provide greater efficiency in such environments?

Because it’s more flexible and much less likely to crack or lose its adhesive capacities when submitted to cold or humidity, an elastomeric product like the RG+ concrete adhesive is probably your best option when working on projects like an exterior wall or an outdoor kitchen in territories where the temperatures are colder.

4)   More bang for your buck

In most cases, you’ll find that elastomeric adhesives are slightly less expensive than their polyurethane-based counterparts. In addition, elastomeric formulas enable you to benefit from every ounce of product contained in a tube. Never again will you have to throw out a half-used adhesive tube.

This makes elastomeric concrete adhesives a practical, convenient and cost-efficient alternative for the realization of all your masonry projects.

Elastomeric or polyurethane? It all depends…

Careful now! At no time does this article claim that elastomeric concrete adhesives are the most reliable choice in any given situation. In fact, everything goes down to your specific needs and to the adhesive formulas with which you are the most comfortable.

To learn more about the different adhesives available through the Techniseal professional product line, reach out to your local representative today!