HP Nextgel | The Industry's Leading Polymeric Sand is Now Backed by a 20-year Warranty



Launched in 2015, HP Nextgel has been a true game changer in the hardscape industry. Now the go-to sand for thousands of paver experts across North America, it is without a doubt the best jointing material available today!

Starting June 1st 2018, every bag of our high-performance polymeric sand will come with a 20-year limited warranty for all residential installations.

To learn more about this warranty, reach out to your local Techniseal representative today or visit our website.

What makes HP Nextgel the best jointing material ever engineered?

Paver jointing has never been easier

The first thing paver contractors notice about HP NextGel is how much cleaner and easier it is to work with. Its unique NO HAZE, NO DUST formula makes the installation process totally clean and keeps the amount of effort put into sweeping to a minimum.

Because HP NextGel is so easy to install, using it on your next job will enable you to save a considerable amount of time and energy, thus increasing your overall profitability.

40% faster installations

NextGel is by far the most advanced jointing technology in the industry. It allows water to flow much easier to the bottom of the paver joint. It also controls how and when additive particles start reacting with water, thus making the wetting process of HP NextGel up to 8 times faster than competitors’ products.

When put to the test, HP NextGel proved to be up to 40% quicker to install than other competing jointing products.

The jointing sand with the widest choice of colors

In the last few years, the hardscape industry has seen a growing concern for the aesthetic value of paver joints. Initially regarded as a purely utilitarian aspect, jointing is now a key part of most hardscape design plans.

This is why Techniseal offers the widest range of sand colors in the industry. Paver experts can get HP NextGel in more than twenty beautiful shades, giving installers and landscape architects another creative tool.

The strongest Paver joints, period.

Beside its ease of use, HP NextGel is also the strongest jointing sand ever developed. Its unmatched durability makes it the perfect sand for any paver job, in any type of environment.

Our high-end polysand can be used for installations on heavy sloped and uneven leveled terrains. Even high-humidity conditions and heavy vehicular traffic won’t overcome the jointing power of HP Nextgel.

This is why we have no trouble backing up our flagship polysand with a 20-year warranty for installations done in residential areas. Rest assured, with HP NextGel, you’ll always get the best joint stabilization on the market!

The best sand in the world, now benefits from one of the best warranties in the industry!

HP Nextgel : Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Close to 20 years after it first introduced the polymeric sand to the paver industry around the world, Techniseal is still offering the best products when it comes to joint stabilization.

We always stood by the quality and reliability of our products, and we just proved it one more time by adding a 20-year limited warranty to any residential job done with HP NextGel, our high-performance jointing sand.