NextGel Testimonials

Mountain View

We used NextGel at the Investors Group Field in Winnipeg, MB. on an area of 50,000 sq. ft. I was so impressed with how little dust came out of the bags, how fast it swept in, and how little to no residue was on top. We easily doubled our production.
Colin Chapnick, J&D Penner Saving Stone
"Techniseal NextGel product is amazing!! We used a competitors polymeric sand before in our showroom. It was always hazy and dirty looking. I was skeptical at first if this was the real deal. No haze and saves time on install."
"NextGel is Clearly a Game Changer in the Segmental Paving Industry!"
Andrew Vear, PaverCrafters West
"NextGel No Haze was Amazing"
"Foreman of the crew, John, stated that the sand went in faster and was about 15% quicker process that "normal" poly sands. He is recommending to his owners to use NextGel on all jobs in the future."

Andy Mooney - Lancaster Farms