No more deep, arduous excavations.

EZ Base is a revolutionary new way to install interlocking pavers. These easy to install high-density foam panels replace the need for a
traditional compacted aggregate layer base system. With EZ Base, you save time, labor and money.

  • Easy to install
  • Saves up to 8 inches of excavation
  • Replaces up to 250 lbs of base aggregates
  • Durable - will not degrade in the ground


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No more deep, arduous excavations.

Imagine a patio that installs with less work, less expense and with no special tools or materials. With EZ Base, you can now easily build your new patio or walkway with a stable base that is resistant to movement even in the coldest freeze/thaw climates.

Thanks to EZ Base, your backyard project suddenly seems not so far away. These foam panels are easy to cut and feature drainage holes and canals for water control and an overlap edge for stability.

  • 20 2/8” X 36 3/8” X 17mm
  • 5.15 sq. ft
  • PPE Grade foam
  • 10 units per pack
  • 12 packs per pallet
  • 120 units per pallet

   Patented - www.brockpaverbase.com   

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70971147 (245-930)
5.15 sq. ft
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