A Faster, Stronger and Cleaner Adhesive For All Your Construction Projects

Available Spring 2018

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StructureBond™'s revolutionary foam adhesive formula makes it one of the best construction adhesives to hit the market in recent years. It can bond together a wide variety of construction materials faster and better than any traditional tube adhesive out there! 

The StructureBond gun dispenser allows for speedy and accurate product delivery. Simply squeeze the trigger to get the product flowing and release it to immediately stop it from streaming.

Application time is up to 50% faster than with any other tube adhesive currently on the market. 

  • A super-strong adhesive for any construction project
  • An Innovative foam formula
  • Quick and easy application via the specifically design gun dispenser
  • Market leading precision - No mess, No waste
  • Fully adjustable bead size


Product information
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StructureBond™ is an innovative super-strength foam adhesive that bonds a wide range of construction products. StructureBond Gun allows for a precise adhesive delivery with a single pull of the trigger that stops as soon as you let go. It requires no pumping, cutting or puncturing of cartridge nozzles. 

Gun is easily cleaned with practical cleaner cartridge available from Techniseal. Application time is up to 50% faster than with conventional tube adhesives. Materials are bonded in just 8 minutes and adhesive is fully cured within 24 hours. StructureBond™ is made from high-quality modified polyurethanes. 

Its adhesive strength is unmatched among all types of polyurethane adhesives. Also, it has an excellent long-term resistance to weathering, dilute acids and caustic solutions.

Product # 
24 oz (680 g)
As Techniseal® has no control over surface preparation and product application, results cannot be guaranteed. The Techniseal® warranty is limited only to the replacement of a product proven to be defective, and will never cover the cost of labour. A proof of purchase will be required for any claim.

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