How Can DriBond Help You Turn More Jobs in 2018?

Hardscaping, like any other production industry, requires speed, efficiency and quality results. Maximizing these three attributes means you will turn more jobs with less waste and fewer call backs. With today’s shallow labor pool, finding people is tough; finding skilled laborers is even tougher.

Enter DriBond

Exclusive to Techniseal, this innovative dry mudset allows contractors to lay pavers right on top of sound existing concrete surfaces. No full tear-out and installation of base material is required, just spread the product dry over concrete driveways, patios, pool decks and walkways and lay pavers in no time flat.

This article further explains how DriBond can help you turn far more paver jobs next year without growing your crews or taking on a heavy training burden.

No More Concrete Removal Necessary with DriBond

Concrete tear out is disruptive to the homeowner, especially if it is a driveway. Damage to surrounding landscape and irrigation systems is basically a sure thing. Haul off and disposal adds cost. Installing and compacting base material is time-consuming. In more and more cases, removing existing concrete comes with a new obstacle: impervious cover limits, where any new pavement must be permeable.

With DriBond, a structurally sound existing concrete surface can now receive a permanent veneer of thin pavers. Or normal pavers. Or natural stone or even most porcelain tiles.

Installations are done in less time, with reduced manpower, less skill required and no heavy equipment whatsoever.

DriBond jobs are EASY and FAST

This innovative product comes in a ready-to-use, dry application formula that doesn’t require any mixing. Installation is very simple, all you need to do is to spread it over the surface and even it out with a Techniseal screed tool.

DriBond covers most existing cracks and joints, allowing the majority of jobs to require very little surface preparation.

Great Results, in Less Than 48 Hours With DriBond

In most cases, the DriBond dry mudset for concrete overlay will enable you to deliver high-end results in less than 48 hours and with practice, often a single day. Some of the best installers can complete two jobs in one day! That’s two paychecks gang.

Summing Up

Many homeowners don’t even consider replacing their old concrete driveway for two reasons.

  • Although perhaps not beautiful, their driveway, is still functional and durable.
  • It’s a hassle that costs too much.

With DriBond, those jobs are now much more attainable and when the first one goes in so quickly, the entire neighborhood will take notice.

Exclusive to Techniseal, the DriBond technology will have you turning more jobs, with lower risk and producing quality results without a long learning curve. With eight years of product development and over a million square feet of beautiful and lasting installations, DriBond is ready to turbocharge your installation business.

For more information on DriBond, please visit the official DriBond Advanced Mudset for Concrete Overlay page or contact your local Techniseal representative today!