Alain Dorais with NextGel Jointing Sand

Justin Hampton of Paver Designs, LLC in Omaha, NE is an artist whose canvas is concrete pavers.  For several years running, Justin has been taking home awards for his designs and installations at the Hardscape North America show in Louisville, KY.

Techniseal has been North America’s leading manufacturer of cleaners, sealers and polymeric sand for the paver market since 1984 and produces a line of pigmented sealers under the name NuLook.  While NuLook is intended to repair the appearance of aging pavers, Justin has uncovered an unforeseen value in changing the color of pavers and creating works of art.

This year Techniseal and Justin decided to do a live demonstration of the application of NuLook to concrete pavers.  As Louisville is the site of the event, we wanted to present a “hometown” image.  The Kentucky Derby, baseball bats and of course bourbon all came to mind.  However, Louisville lost a legend in 2016 and Muhammad Ali was the clear choice.  Scouring the internet for images eventually led to a pop-art inspired choice of a close-up portrait highlighted by a combination of vibrant colors and dark tones to convey Ali’s complex personality.  Made up of twenty square concrete pavers that weighed in at 10.75 lbs each, the complete work weighs 215 lbs, almost identical to Ali’s prime fighting weight.

Upon completion, Techniseal and Paver Designs, LLC donated the work to the Muhammad Ali Center, where it will reside permanently and enjoy a spot in the display rotation.