Hardscape Adhesive StructureBond From Techniseal


Meet StructureBond, the new revolutionary hardscape adhesive from Techniseal.  

Developed for the Hardscape Industry

Specifically developed for the hardscape and construction industries, StructureBond is without a doubt the strongest, fastest and cleanest adhesive on the market right now.

Versatile Bonding Solution

Its cutting-edge foam formula allows for super strong bonding capabilities and remarkable results on most materials and substrate. Use StructureBond on pavers and other concrete structures apply it on natural or synthetic stone, trust it for any job involving wood, bricks, plywood, drywall, porcelain, steel, aluminum or even fiberglass.

Super Strong 

Its innovative polyurethane formula allows for bonding power unmatched by any other tube adhesive on the market today. Application time is up to 50% faster with its inventive and ultra-precise gun dispenser. Simply squeeze the trigger to get the product flowing and release it to immediately stop delivery. No mess, no waste and no dripping.

Clean & Durable

Once you are done with StructureBond, the gun dispenser can easily be cleansed with the powerful StructureBond cleaning solution and you can store it away until a further application.

Cost Efficient

1 StructureBond container is equal to five 10 oz tubes of conventional adhesive. In addition to getting best results, you get more bang for your buck!