Introduced to the American market in early September, StructureBond, Techniseal’s new revolutionary adhesive has been met with high praise. Hardscape and masonry experts who have tried it are confirming that it is a significant improvement on traditional tube adhesives.

StructureBond’s cutting-edge compound allows for faster curing, zero waste and a bonding strength unmatched by any competitive product. Its foam formula makes it a convenient, reliable and versatile adhesive that can be used on the vast majority of construction materials.

To get the best out of StructureBond, Techniseal offers an exclusive trigger-action gun dispenser that drastically reduces user fatigue. StructureBond’s application is also very accurate, simply squeeze the trigger to get the product flowing and release to stop.

With this new adhesive, Techniseal solidifies its status as America’s #1 provider of products for hardscape installation and maintenance.

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