Structure Bond Gun Maintenance Tips

Already considered by many hardscape experts like the best hardscape adhesive currently available on the market, Structure Bond is a powerful, clean and cost-efficient product for any landscape, masonry or construction job. It adheres to the vast majority of substrates and offers a 8-minute set time and a less than 24hrs curing period.

Adhesive application with the Structure Bond Gun is easier, faster and more precise than ever!

Structure Bond will not dry up between applications, meaning you can easily use the adhesive canister on several occasions. Here are a few examples of situations along with the appropriated gun maintenance practices.

The job is done but there is product remaining in the Structure Bond Canister

Leaving the Structure Bond Canister attached to the gun, turn the adjustment dial to close the dispensing valve and store the tool in a safe and dry place.

If there is still uncured product remaining on the tip of the gun, spray a small amount of the Structure Bond Gun Cleaning Solution to dissolve any residue.

Before the gun is to be stored, be sure to pull the trigger a few seconds to make sure the gun is filled with new adhesive. This will prevent the product from drying and clogging up the gun.

The job isn’t completed but the Structure Bond canister is running empty

When you start to feel that the Structure Bond adhesive canister is close to being empty, be sure to have both a new cartridge and a can of Gun Cleaning solution close by.

Start by completely emptying the canister by pulling the trigger until the dispenser gun starts shooting air. Then, slowly remove the empty cartridge by unscrewing it carefully and keeping the device at a good distance from your body.

For optimal results, Techniseal strongly recommends using the Structure Bond Gun Cleaning solution to cleanse the gun from any uncured product. This should ideally be done every time a canister is replaced.

Then, simply screw on a new adhesive container on top of the dispenser gun and continue using until the job is done.

A few maintenance tips to get the best out of Structure Bond

By following these few simple steps, you’re sure to always get the best out of our revolutionary Structure Bond hardscape adhesive.

If you ever run into any trouble while using this product, don’t hesitate to reach out to our technical support team via or at 1 800 465 7325 (toll-free number)