Known for being an innovative company, Techniseal is once again at the forefront of a game-changing technology in hardscape.

Welcome StructureBond, a high-performance foam adhesive that is quickly becoming the first choice of numerous contractors across the country.

Developed for industry professionals looking for a reliable, efficient and more convenient masonry adhesive, StructureBond will soon be available across the Techniseal dealer network.

Here are 5 reasons why you should consider switching to StructureBond for your everyday installations.

It Makes Things Simpler

With conventional tube adhesives, you need to cut the tip of the nozzle to dispense the product. 

With StructureBond, those days are over as it doesn’t require any cutting. Its gun-triggered flow technology makes application simpler and more convenient than ever before. All you have to do is screw the StructureBond can to the specifically designed gun and you are all set!

It’s (Way) More Precise

What also makes StructureBond so unique is the added precision it gives hardscape and landscape professionals. As mentioned, the StructureBond foam adhesive is dispensed through an innovative trigger-activated gun, the Gun II dispenser, which gives you total control on how much of the product is delivered.

With conventional tube adhesives, the size of the tip incision is the only thing actually allowing you to control the amount of product coming out. The Gun II dispenser has a practical adjustment dial and trigger mechanism that enable you to apply the perfect amount of adhesive for a strong, clean and durable job, anytime.

It Keeps Things Cleaner

Let’s face it, one of the biggest hassles when applying adhesive is the mess it ends up causing. StructureBond makes things more convenient because as soon as you let go of the trigger, the adhesive stops flowing. This means no accumulation, no dripping and no need for you to rush and clean up the excess product before it starts curing.

Once the job is finished, if you have adhesive left in the can, just turn the dial until the valve is closed and leave the can right on the gun. To clean the gun, simply screw on a can of the StructureBond Cleaner and squeeze the trigger until the gun squirts a clear solution.

An Adhesive that’s Stronger than Concrete

With its innovative foam formula, StructureBond is also the strongest adhesive on the market. Because it doesn’t contain any filler, like regular tube adhesives, the polyurethane concentration in StructureBond is much higher, which allows it to easily penetrate porous material such as brick or concrete. In the end, you get added tensile strength for a superior and long-lasting bond.

It Saves Time

StructureBond’s foam formula allows for reduced set time, making it invaluable for building seating walls and features like fireplaces and kitchens. Depending on air moisture, StructureBond can take as little as 8 minutes to set, allowing for vertical construction to continue much more quickly and is fully cured within 24 hours.

Maximum Yield

One StructureBond can is equal to more than 5 tubes of regular adhesive. This means less unit replacement, and added productivity on your jobs.