For pitch-perfect hardscape adhesive application

Easy-to-use, this high-grade adhesive dispenser was developped to facilitate bonding operations for professional hardscape contractors. Paired up with StructureBond Foam Adhesive, it will make the application of paver adhesive easier, faster and cleaner than ever before. 

  • Gives added precision and easier access to many hard-to-reach areas
  • Specifically made for use with Structure Bond products
  • Allows for a cleaner application with minimal dripping
  • Combines light weight with strong durability
  • Built to minimize waste and facilitate adhesive application


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Use the GUN II dispenser to apply the STRUCTURE BOND hardscape foam adhesive to any outdoor surface. This top-notch tool enables you to gain access to hard-to-reach areas and greatly limits excessive spillage or dripping. 

Use the STRUCTURE BOND gun cleaner solution to keep your dispenser in optimal condition. 


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60050802 (221-B11)
Manufacturer, having no control over the use of the materials, does not guarantee finished work. Replacement of any defective product shall be the buyers sole remedy under this warranty. A proof of purchase will be required for any claim.

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